Cory O'Niell Walker Vocal Studio

Free your sound. Unleash your potential. Find your voice.

Natural vocal production is always my goal. Through physiological awareness and techniques based in the "bel canto" school of classical singing, we will work to free your sound. I teach the importance of breathe usage, control, and management as the foundation for healthy vocal production. Instruction on resonance, registration, and vowel formation is also an integral part of my training method. By working to master the fundamentals, you will strengthen, develop, and enjoy your voice while training in an environment that is committed to vocal health and longevity.

A typical lesson begins with a brief vocal warm-up, followed by technical work through learning vocalises and exercises. The last 20 or 30 minutes is spent applying the learned vocal techniques to your repertoire. Employing the abstract concepts of exercise to concrete examples in your songs will unleash your potential. If you are preparing for an audition or performance, more time will be allotted for repertoire work. Lessons that focus on technical exercise for the full hour are also an option for students who want or need a greater amount of technical reinforcement. It is the focus on healthy vocal production that makes this method valuable to singers of ALL genres.

Every voice is different and presents a unique set of qualities, strengths and challenges. Vocal training must be individualized to meet the specific needs of each student. In lessons, we will work toward your goals, whether they are to prepare for an audition or performance, to sing clearer high notes, to build stamina, to improve pitch and intonation, or simply to sing or speak without strain or stress. There are no gimmicks or magic tricks that can make you sing better. Hard work and understanding how to use your instrument will allow you to find your voice and will make you a better singer.